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Starlight on the Sea

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The Color-Changing One...
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"I am grey: I stand between the shadow and the light."
We are Grey: we stand between the candle and the star."
- Opening words of the Minbari Grey Council, "Babylon 5"

If you've found this page, I'm assuming you know me, or that one of us has said something that the other found interesting and/or worthwhile. Since this journal is Friends-locked (with reason), how about dropping me a line through LJ's User Messaging to let me know who you are so that I can Friend you?

As for "Starlight on the Sea" - in those moments where I can look up and see the stars shining on the deep oceans of my mind, I can catch glimpses of dark shadows beneath the surface, and sometimes a flash of beauty.

So who or what am I? In no particular order, I am a ham radio operator and a storm spotter. I am an astrologer and a singer, an only child as well as a big sister and a little sister and an aunt. I am a Pagan and a Thelemite and a free-thinker, a healer and a sacred warrior and a bit of a geek. I am an intellectual whose mind works to analyze many far-flung components and then synthesize them into one coherent whole.

I am a Star, a woman finding her own Self again and lighting the color-changing, shifting path before her with the blazing torch of her own hopes and dreams. I honor the gods within as well as the gods without, finding the answers I seek in science and psychology as often as in my prayers and meditations, because as often as not, they are one and the same thing.